Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Charming and Beauty - Ramdhan Kareem 11/8/2010 Updated

Hello Malaysian,

OH no!....August updated!....

Come on guys!..grab it one for your LOVER!...


Buy 2 items : RM10* less!!

Buy 3 items : RM 20* less!!

Buy 4 items : RM30*less!!

Free postage charge for IIUM Student!!

* ( valid for 75ml n above)

Charming for MEN

2/ Hugo Boss army m 100ml-RM120
1/ Aigner black m 125ml-RM130
1/Blv Aqua Man m 100ml - RM120
1/Boss Energized m 125ml-RM130
2/Boss Selection m 100ml-RM130

2/Burberry Brit man (xcap) m 100ml-RM120
2/Burberry weekend man m 100ml-RM120
1/Bvlgari black m 100ml-RM120
1/Bvlgari soir m 100ml-RM120
1/CD fahrenheit m 100ml-RM120
1/CD fahrenheit 32 m 100ml-RM120
2/CD Homme m 100ml-RM130
3/Chanel Allure Homme m 100ml-RM120
1/Chanel Allure sport m 100ml-RM130
1/Chanel Allure sport blanche m 100ml-RM120
2/CK be m 200ml-RM140
1/CK Crave m 75ml-RM120
4/CK Eternity man m 100ml-RM120
1/CK in2u m 100ml-RM120
1/CK in2u heat m 100ml-RM130
2/CK man no cap m 100ml-RM120

1/D&G Pour homme m 125ml-RM130

5/Davidoff man m 125ml-RM120
1/Davidoff silver shadow m 100ml-RM130
1/Diesel man m 75ml-RM120
1/Dior dune homme m 100ml-RM120

1/Dunhill persuit m 75ml-RM120
1/Dunhill Xcentric m 50ml-RM90
1/Dvd adventure m 100ml-RM130
2/Escape man m 100ml-RM120
1/Essenza de Zegna m 100ml-RM120
2/Guess men m 100ml-RM130
1/Guess men suede m 100ml-RM130
2/JPG summer m 125ml-RM120
2/Mont Blanc Individuelle man m 75ml-RM120
2/Paco Rabanne xs m 100ml-RM120

2/Polo green classic m 118ml-RM120
3/Polo ralph safari m 125ml-RM120
1/Polo Sport m 125ml-RM120
1/Ralph Romance man m 100ml-RM130
1/Ralph Romance silver m 100ml-RM130
2/Tommy classic man m 100ml-RM120
2/Versace for man m 100ml-RM120
2/YSL Body Kourus m 100ml-RM120

Lovely for Women

1/Aigner white w 125ml-RM130
2/Allure wmn w 100ml-RM130
1/Angel Innocent w 75*ml-RM130
1/Angel Innocent secret w 50ml-RM90
1/Angel Innocent summer Flash w 75ml-RM120
2/Angel Star w 50*ml-RM130
2/Angel Star w 25*ml-RM90
1/Anna Sui sevcret wish w 75ml-RM120
2/Boss army wmn w 125ml-RM120
1/Boss Intense w 100ml-RM120
3/Bvl Jasmine no cap w 100ml-RM120
1/CK Eternity wmn w 50ml-RM70
3/Ck euphoria wmn Blossom (xcap) w 100ml-RM120
2/Cliniq happy to be w 100ml-RM130
1/D&G Feminine w 100ml-RM130
4/D&G Light Blue w 100ml-RM120
2/D&G The one wmn w 75*ml-RM130
3/Davidoff lady w 100ml-RM120
1/Diesel wmn w 75ml-RM120
1/Dior Addict2 w 50ml-RM90
5/Dior Jadore w 100ml-RM140
1/Elizabeth Arden After 5 w 100ml-RM120
3/Escape wmn w 100ml-RM120
1/Estee Sensous w 30ml-RM80
1/Gucci Edp II w 50ml-RM100
2/Gucci envy 2 w 100ml-RM130
1/Gucci Envy me w 100ml-RM130
1/Gucci Rush w 75ml-RM120
1/Gucci Rush2 w 75ml-RM120
1/Incanto Heaven no cap w 100ml-RM120
1/Incanto Shine w 50ml-RM100
1/Intuition wmn w 100ml-RM120
2/Jasmin noir no cap w 100ml-RM120
1/Jlo Glow w 50ml-RM130
1/Jlo Live no cap w 100ml-RM120
2/Jlo Still no cap w 100ml-RM120
1/Kenzo Leau Par Wmn w 100ml-RM130
1/Lancome Miracle w 100ml-RM130
1/Narciso essence w 100ml-RM130
3/Narciso her w 100ml-RM130
2/Narciso her w 50ml-RM90
3/Paris Just me w 100ml-RM130
1/Pleasure exotic w 100ml-RM130
2/Pleasure intense w 100ml-RM130
1/Ralph by Ralph w 50ml-RM90
1/Ralph Style w 125ml-RM140
1/Romance wmn w 100ml-RM130
2/Thiery Mugler Angel edp w 100ml-RM130
1/Ultraviolet wmn w 100ml-RM120
Versace Red Jeans w 75

*Some of the above perfumes already been sold,
so, kindly sms / call me for
the availability of the stock..^__^.
Thanks You

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